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Veranika Bialkovich

Born in Minsk. She studied Czech studies at the Belarusian State University and Slavonic studies at Charles University in Prague. She lives in Prague. She works as a freelance translator and interpreter.
Since 2003, she has published translations of fiction from Czech, Slovak, Croat and Macedonian in various Belarusian journals.
She has translated several books, e.g. Hana Andronikova’s The Sound of the Sundial (Lohvinau, 2005) and Filip Topol’s Karel Klenotník’s Trip to Corsica (Lohvinau, 2008). She participated on the Czech Anthology of Belarusian Short Stories (Větrné mlýny, 2006). Excerpts from her translations from Belarusian into Czech have been published in Czech  literary journals.
Contact: veranika.bialkovich@seznam.cz, www.bialkovich.cz

Libor Dvořák

Born 6 June 1948 in a family of an important Communist official. He studied Philosophy and Russian at Charles University in Prague (1968-74). Between 1974 and 1990 he worked as an editor of the review Soviet Literature published in Prague. After the Velvet revolution, he worked as an editor in a news agency. Then he worked as an editor in the Czechoslovak (then Czech) TV. He also worked in Radio Alfa, the Czech Press Agency, and the Czech Radio 6. Since 1970s, he has been a translator of Russian fiction (Strugatsky brothers, Sergej Jesin, Anatolij Kurchatkin, Ruslan Kirejev, Timur Zulfikarov, Michail Bulgakov, Lev Tolstoy, Ivan Bunin, Arkadij Averchenko, Michail Zotchenko, A. P. Checkov, Viktor Pelevin, Vladimir Sorokin, Svetlana Vasilenko and others).
Kontakt: libor.dvorak@rozhlas.cz

Adam Havlín

Adam Havlín is a translator (Russian, Belarusian, English) and a court interpreter (Russian).
He was born in Prague in 1974. He studied Russian at Charles Universtity and then he worked as the director of the Belarusian Centre for the humanitarian organization People in Need. Since 2002, he hes been a freelance translator. He lives in Nymburk.
Among his publications, there are the following translations: Lev Shestov (Kierkegaard and Existential Philosophy, Oikoumené, 1996), Vasili Rozanov (The Wolrd in the Light of the Russian Idea, Oikoumené, 1997), a collection of essays Unknown Belarus (Dokořán, 2005) and The History of Belarus (Lidové noviny, 2006). He also participaten on a translation of a Czech and Slovak monograph Andy Warhol and Czechoslovakia into Russian (Arbor vitae, 2010). He translates technical texts from English for Alternativa publishing house.‘
Several of his translations from Belarusian of Vasil Bykav’s short stories  were published in Czech journals. He was awarded a prestigious Jiří Levý Prize (a honourable mention) for his translation of the short story The Wall in 2005.
For more information including references and excerpts, see http://ruskyjazyk.cz.
Contact: adam.havlin@ruskyjazyk.cz

Sjarhej Smatrychenka

Sjarhej Smatrychenka (Сяргей Сматрычэнка) was born in Vitebsk in Belarus in 1977. He is a Slavicist and a translator. Among others, he translated into Belarusian the works of Václav Havel, Josef Topol, Jáchym Topol, Bohumil Hrabal, Michal Viewegh, Miloš Urban, František Halas, and Václav Hrabě. He founded and directs the edition The Czech Collection in the Lohvinau publishing house in Minsk. He introduced the works of Belarusian writers to Czech readers, he edited and partly translated the Anthology of Belarusian Short Stories (Větrné Mlýny 2006) and a collection of contemporary Belaursian poetry Two Souls (Czech PEN, 2011). He co-organized several literary competitions and festival, including the Month of Authorial Readings in Brno in 2007, with more than 30 participating Belarusian writers. He worked in important Belarusian media and in the board of the Belarusian centre of the International PEN Club. He taught Czech and Slovak at the Belarusian State University for ten years before he left the school for political reasons. Currently, he lives in Brno and is freelance.
Contact: koukej@email.cz

Hana Svobodová

Hana Svobodová was born in Turnov in  1987. She studied Czech and Theatre studies at Masaryk University in Brno; currently, she studies at Janáček Academy of Fine Arts. Although she mainly focuses on theatre production, she is still interested in (not only) contemporary world and Czech drama, literature and language as such. She took part in a lot of theatre festivals where she gained experience as an editor and writer. The by.BY festival has been her first opportunity to work on translations from foreign languages. She hopes to continue with this activity in the future.

Contact: hannah.freedom06@gmail.com

Miroslav Tomek

Miroslav Tomek was born in Prague in 1984. He studied History and Ukrainian studies at Charles University in Prague. While he learnt Ukrainian at school, he earned his knowledge of Belarusian during his exchange stay in Minsk. He has been a translator from Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian for several years. His interest as a translator reaches from the present as far back as to the 1920s. Together with Alexey Sevruk, he translated Serhei Zhadan’s collection of short stories Big Mac (2011). His translation of the essay Kiev appeared in a collection of Michail Bulgakov’s short stories On the Benefit of Alcoholism. He has published his translations from Belarusian in the literary journal Protimluv and on the Internet. He is also a literary critic. His reviews are published in the review Host.

Contact: mirektomek@gmail.com

Michal Vašíček

Michal Vašíček was born in Prague in 1985. He studied Slavonic studies and Russian at Charles University in Prague, where he also took a two-year course in Belarusian. His relationship with Belarues grew even deeper during his one-semester study stay in Minsk in 2010. Currently, he is a post-graduate student at Charles University and he works at the Slavonic department at the Czech Academy of Sciences. He studies dialects of the Carpathian areal

Contact: michal-vasicek@seznam.cz