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There are several ways to get tickets to see our performance.

1) Box office sale before performances

You can buy tickets for the coming performances at our box office before each performance. You can also buy a season ticket (multi-entry).

2) Booking by email or phone

You can book tickets by email (info@divadlofeste.cz) or phone (+420 737 454 266). It is also possible to book tickets by text messages sent to our booking phone number.

You will pay for the tickets on the spot upon collection before the performance. Please, make sure to come in time, as your ticket booking may expire shortly before the beginning of the performance.

You can also click the button „Online rezervace“ on the right hand side of this page to send us email.

3) Online purchase (with payment)

You can buy tickets in advance online. Unfortunately, the site is only in Czech. If you prefer this method, please follow the instructions below.

How to buy tickets online:

1) Go to www.navecer.cz

2) Enter „feste“ in the search field („vyhledávání akcí“) and pres enter or click the magnifying glass symbol in the field.
The search field is in the red oval:
Search field

3) A list of available performances of the Feste Theatre appears.
Choose the performance you wish to see from the list of our performances by clicking the green button Buy for XXX Kč (in this example, the performance Havel Writes to Dr. Husák costs CZK 180 and the button says „Koupit za 180 Kč“). This way, you can also buy our multi-entry ticket („Předplatné Divadla Feste“) for CZK 740.
Select your performance
A little glossary:

The date is in the DD.MM.YYYY format
„Dnes“ = today, „Zítra“ = tomorrow
„Zbývá voucherů“ = Vouchers remaining
„Původní cena“ = Full price
„Nabídka platí ještě“ = This offer is valid for (xx days xx hours)




4) Booking details of your chosen performance appear.
Please, choose the number of tickets (field A: „# vstupenka“) and your email (field B: „vas@email.cz“); these fields are required. You can also enter your name (field C: „Vaše jméno“) and your telephone number (field D: „+420xxxxxxx“).
Then, click the green button again (field E: „Koupit za ### Kč“).
Buy ticket

5) Continue with your payment according to instructions valid for common use of online payment.

6) Come to the theatre and tell the ticket seller about your online ticket.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.