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Why Support Us?

  • We are the only professional theatre group in the Czech Republic purposefully focusing on political and social topics.
  • We operate in the public space.
  • We have been working together with research institutions of Masaryk University in Brno; our plays are created using academic research results.
  • Our plays constantly bring attention to real-life phenomena which obstruct the development of the civic society, taboo issues, and social stereotypes.
  • We are not indifferent about our surroundings.
  • We give funding and foundation money back to the society in the form of entertainment connected with learning and active approach to the society.

Financial Support

If you are a natural person or an artificial legal person resident in the Czech Republic, you can download a donation agreement here to support us financially. The donation may be of any amount. The agreement will then serve as a confirmation for the Czech Revenue Office to deduct your donation from your tax base.

Note: Our donation agreements are only available in Czech and they comply with the Czech legal system. If you are interested in becoming our donor and you need to communicate with us in English, please send us an email: info@divadlofeste.cz.

Material Support

We will highly appreciate your support in the form of office supplies, such as paper, toner, pens, folders, and so on.

Donation agreements (in Czech) can be downloaded here: