The End of 2012 with by.BY

A grand farewell from your favourite site-specific festival of Belarusian drama “by.BY”!

20 Nov. 6:30pm Uladzimir Saulich: A Dog with a Golden Tooth, the health centre Zahradníkova (entrance A)

5 Dec. 7:00pm Sjarhej Kavalyov: The Return of a Hunger Artist, the water tank below the residence of the Bishop of Brno (below the Petrov cathedral)

10 Dec. 8:00pm Bye.Bye – a closing party in Dům umění

The by.BY festival has introduced six dramatic texts by contemporary Belorusian dramatists and brought the audiences to non-traditional places. Besides other interesting events associated with the festival, there was the prestigious Belarus Press Photo exhibition; the festival has campained with Amnesty International for the release of Belarusian political prisoners. On Human Rights Day, we will bid farewell to the festival with an exhibition of photographs taken during the festival by Jakub Jíra and a concert of the band Cirkus Cermaque.