She Grazed Her Horse on a Balcony


Identity 9


A woman. A horse. Parasites. Dispose!

It is the year 2238. Strange skeletons of a woman and a horse have been found. Who was the woman? A where did the horse come from?

Focus on the tabooed social-political problem of today – the issue of the Roma minority.

„…Jani, me tuke kamavas calo jileha the kamav tut…“

The story. Three scientists are analysing the discovery of a woman’s skeleton with a horse in the year 2238. They should stop their enquiry at the moment when they find out that she belonged to the extinct Roma ethic group. But they continue regardless all restrictions and possible threats. They analyse the skeleton and study Roma history. However, the results of their explorations are terrifying. What if the Romas did not extinct naturally? What if they were annihilated? And why?

“In the end, we learn two things from the story: how stupid our prejudices are and how we don’t ever learn. The performance is perfect. Not a redundant sentence, not a redundant gesture. The actors are focused and devoted to what they are presenting. Music by Jiří Starý is not simplistic. All components including the scene, costumes and various sci-fi gadgets serve their purpose. And according to the director, Jiří Honzírek, the whole performance cost six thousand Czech crowns [240 €]. For this unbelievable amount it was possible to produce a performance which is necessary, beautiful and deep.” (Jana Soukupová, MF Dnes)

The partner of the project is the Museum of Gipsy Culture in Brno. The performance was created with the support of the Foundation for the Victims of the Holocaust.

„…Jani, I loved you very much and I love you…“

The team:
Cast: Jan Grundman, Barbora Milotová, Luboš Stárek
Director: Jiří Honzírek
Script: Jiří Honzírek, Katarína Koišová, Sabina Macháčová
Dramaturgy: Katarína Koišová, Sabina Macháčová
Music: Jiří Starý
Stage design: Radomír Otýpka
Costumes: Žiži
Technical crew: Václav Kuropata
Production: Barbora Doležalová
PR: Šárka Syslová

Première 29 January 2011