Our Islam


Identity 1

Documentary drama

Authorial, theatrical-social project which was the first to deal with the issue of Islam in the Czech Republic.

The first performance within the Identity Cycle is trying to find sources of prejudices of Europeans towards people from Muslim countries and communities and their way of life. The aims of the performance are:

  • to educate the European public about Muslim culture, religion and way of life,
  • to observe and describe the contrast between the lived reality of Czech Muslims and their image in the Czech mass-media.

“If the only pictures we have about the others are pictures of madness, then the only thing we get is fear…”

The plot of the performance consists of several situations. Three of them are repeated several times and developed – a young woman in danger from three men with a huge bag in the public transport, an interview between a TV host and a Czech convert to Islam and a class by a high-school teacher. In other situations, we can see Muslim women immigrants to Europe, an American female soldier leaving to fight in Iraq, an Islamist suicide bomber and George W. Bush’s address.


Vladimír Sáňka – the head of the Muslim Community in the Czech Republic,
Charif Bahbouch – writer and publisher of Syrian origin,
Lubomír Kropáček – Arabist and expert in Near-East relations, and
Jakub Macek – a media studies scholar, Masaryk University (Brno).


The performance was nominated for the Performance of the Year 2007 in the Divadelní noviny survey.


The Team:

Cast: Jan Grundman, Barbora Milotová, Tereza Richterová, Pavlína Bitarová
Director: Jiří Honzírek
Text: Tomáš P. Kačer
Dramaturgy: Katarína Koišová
Scene design: Radka Vyplašilová
Music: Jiří Starý
Lighting: Radka Sičová
Sound: Víťa Halška
Production: Klára Mišunová

Première: 18 January 2007