National Avenue


Jaroslav Rudiš

— For Kuba. —

Identity 12

“I measure everyone the same.
I don’t mind the hobos when they’re not messing around.
I don’t mind the gyppos when they’re not messing around.
I don’t mind the punkers when they’re not messing around.
I don’t mind the junkies when they’re not messing around.
‘Got no problem with them.
But when they’re messing around, I do have got a small problem with them.”

The premiere of the play National Avenue by the writer and dramatist Jaroslav Rudiš closes the series of three projects where the Feste Theatre dealt with far-rightwing extremism, xenophobia and ultranationalism. Fewer Emergencies by the British playwright Martin Crimp portray several environments in Europe that may produce mass murderers such as Anders Breivik. The Burial by the enfent terrible of the Czech drama Roman Sikora evaluates the damage caused by Václav Klaus’s political career. National Avenue shows the seductive force of a mixture of homophobia and half-truths. Populism, tendency to quickly solve vital issues, and the Czech moral crises which strengthens such trends with its apathy, are the core of the latest performance. In other words,National Avenue presents a picture of a perfecly common man, for whom peace is but a long break between wars. Wars that begin with dividing people to “good” and “bad” ones.

The Feste Theatre presents this cycle to express a fear of the impact of rudeness and apathy concerning civic society in the Czech Republic. It expresses a particular political stance with theatrical means, while fully aware of its responsibilities.

Jaroslav Rudiš
The author of the novels The Sky under Berlin, Grandhotel, Quietly and The End of Punk in Helsinki. Together with the visual artist Jaromír 99, he created a successful graphic novel series Alois Nebel which formed a basis of a play and a film directed by Tomáš Luňák in 2011. He has won several prizes for his books, such as the Czech Jiří Orten Prize and Magnesia Litera reader’s choice prize. He co-authored several Czech and German radio plays, drama and film scripts. He lives and works in Lomnice nad Popelkou, Prague and Leipzig.

Actors: Petr Bláha, Tereza Richtrová, Tomáš Sýkora
Director: Jiří Honzírek
Dramaturgy: Katarína K. Koišová
Stage Design: Radomír Otýpka
Music: Jiří Starý
Production: Kateřina Eichlerová
PR: Šárka Syslová
Sound, Lighting: Václav Kuropata, Lukáš Krejčí