Identity 7

Dumb show. Drama. Dance.

A Theatrical spam letter.

Slot machines. Casinos. The Czech Republic is the Las Vegas of Europe.
There are more casinos in Václavské náměstí in Prague than in Austria.
In Prague, there are more of them than in Austria and Germany together.
There is one slot machine per 18.000 people in France.

In the Czech Republic, there is one slot machine per 170 people, in Brno one per 60.

The issue of slot machines has become a pressing (not only) political issue.

“How many players are needed to pay all staff and make profit? One is enough.” (Karel Nešpor, M.D.)


The playscript is based on the book I Have Lost Enough by Karel Nešpor.

Haz.Art is a cross-over theatre.

During the performance, the actors and audiences create together an electronic “theatrical spam letter” which is sent after the performance to local authorities that decide about the numbers and placements of casinos, slot machines and other gambling devices.

Audiences may sign this “unclaimed” letter, which leads to a creation of a petition drawing attention to the issue of gambling and slot machines.

You can sign the petition online here: theatrical spam letter.

Collaboration: sociology students, Masaryk University, Karel NEŠPOR, M.D., Consultant Psychiatrist at the Department of Addictive Diseases, Psychiatric Hospital Prague.

…and the win is the worst thing…

Cast: Jiří Kniha, Roman Blumaier
Director: Jiří Honzírek
Music: Jiří Starý
Stage design: Radomír Otýpka
Choreography: Kateřina H. Hanzlíková
Technical crew: Václav Kuropata
Production: Klára Mišunová
PR: Šárka Syslová

Première 6 June 2010