Fewer Emergencies


Martin Crimp

Identity 10

“Things are looking great. Things are improving. People are finally cleaning up their own dog-mess, nice families are moving in.”

A man walks into a nice looking school. Hes a father of four, he has a lovely wife, a fast car, a nice house and a great job. Everybody just loved him always. He passes the reception. He shoots the receptionist. He shoots a teacher. He shoots the first kid. Then, the second kid, the third kid, the fourth kid…

Things are improving. It all looks great!

Three one-act plays by a contemporary British playwright. Blue sky. Face to the wall. Fewer emergencis.

Translation: Julek Neumann
Cast: Marie Vančurová, Miroslav Černý, Václav Hanzl, Tomáš Sýkora
Dramaturgy: Katarína K. Koišová
Stage Design and Costumes: Radomír Otýpka, Alžběta Hanzlová
Music: Jiří Starý
Sound and Lighting: Václav Kuropata
Production: Barbora Doležalová

Premiere 20 Dec. 2011