Dr. Emil Hácha


Tomáš P. Kačer, Jakub Macek

Identity 8

A drama with five acts and two intermezzos.


A new tragic hero is sought on the background of historical turnovers. Is a tragic fate a ticket to the world of tragic heroes?

Emil Hácha does not agree. Oedipus, Hamlet and Sophie do not know.

Who writes history?


Dr. Emil Hácha

  • president, lawyer, translator and poet
  • the president of Czechoslovakia (1938-1939)
  • the state president of Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (1939-1945)

His political fate is one of the most conservative chapters in the modern Czech history.

His complicated destiny became a tool of the Communist propaganda which created a distorted image of a man who fought for the Czech identity in its most difficult hour.

“My greatest tragedy is that everybody wants to turn my life into a tragedy.”

The dramatic text is inspired by the classical dramatic structure. The chorus is a marked part of the performance which consists of simultaneous speeches or singing by three minor characters of the play – Oedipus, Hamlet and Sophie. These three classical tragic characters that are about to decide whether Hácha’s fate is tragic enough to enter the pantheon of tragic characters. In the present time, they are putting Hácha, who knows he is dead, under the test of all key moments of his life.

The story follows the last seven years of Hácha’s life, when he was the president of the country.

…respect to law is the political imperative…

Cast: Jan Grundman, Barbora Milotová, Luboš Stárek, Václav Hanzl, Jiří M. Procházka
Director: Jiří Honzírek
Music: Jiří M. Procházka, Jiří Starý
Stage design: Radka Vyplašilová
Technical crew: Václav Kuropata
Production: Klára Mišunová
PR: Šárka Syslová

Première 10 October 2010