Physical Love Dealers


Anna Saavedra

“Love is when you’re treading towards misfortune as assuredly as shoes squeak.”

Táňa Hlostová, Lukáš Černoch, Jan Jedlinský

Director: Jiří Honzírek
Dramaturgy: Katarína K. Koišová
Costumes: Katarína K. Koišová
Music: Petr Foltýn
Sound and lighting: Václav Kuropata
Producer: Kateřina Eichlerová

Premiere: 19 December 2012


Identity 13

The topic of this project is the issue of domestic violence. After The Burial by Roman Sikora aiming at the President Václav Klaus’s right-wing extremism and National Avenue by Jaroslav Rudiš portraying xenophobia and hidden chauvinism of the Czech public, the play is the last text written by a professional playwright for the Feste Theatre in 2012.

It is a story of an elderly woman who, terrorized by her omnipresent husband, resides in an anonymous luxurious hotel, which was built for her by her husband to keep her perfectly isolated. Ordinary days of empty waiting for the end of her life are disturbed when a young girl barges in. For initially unknown reasons, the young girl first tries to speak with the older lady about her problems. The two women’s stories begin to blend in images full of brutal violence the older lady has been forced to face and the young one was present to in her childhood. As the two women get closer, they systematically annihilate an anonymous man — perhaps the young woman’s husband.

The play looks at domestic violence from the perspective of both sexes. The director studies the ability of mankind to be opened to violence as such, openness of mankind to cause harm and the openness to being harmed.

“The openness of mankind to being harmed is the basic prerequisite for exercise of power.”


About the playwright: Anna Saavedra

Anna was born on the seashore of the Baltic Sea to Czech-Chilean parents. She studied theatre dramaturgy at JAMU in Brno; her tutor was prof. Petr Oslzlý.

She has authored scenic performations, theatre adaptations and plays. She won the Evald Schorm Prize of her play Dům U sedmi švábů in 2011. She is currently a dramaturge and resident author at the HaDivadlo Theatre in Brno.