Be Free!


Identity 6

Theatre of movement

The Brno death march. Sunday, 31 May 1945, Corpus Christi.

On the way from Brno to Pohořelice and further to a retaining camp in Mikulov and acroos the Austrian border, hundreds of Germans died from torture, malnutrition, injury, gunfire and typhoid and dysentery epidemics. The majority of the killed buried in mass graves were women, childred, and old people.

“Once, I was attacked by some Russian with a machine gun that rode in on a horse. Hundreds of women must have suffered what happened to me. Many of our fellow countrymen suffered from typhoid fever or dysentery and died of exhaustion. They put their corpses into paperbags and buried them in a local cemetery.”

According to legal norms used to prosecute the Serbian dicator Slobodan Milosevic, the Brno Death March qualifies as ethnic cleansing — one of the most capital offences against humanity.

Cast: Barbora Milotová, Kateřina Hanzlíková, Jan Grundman, Víťa Halška

Director: Jiří Honzírek
Stage Design: Radka Vyplašilová
Sound and Lighting: Víťa Halška
Choreography: Kateřina H. Hanzlíková
Light: Václav Kuropata
Production: Klára Mišunová
PR: Šárka Syslová

Premiere 2 November 2009