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About Us


…is an independent professional theatre group from Brno, CZ…

…was established in 2006…

“Young theatre goers in Brno begin to accept almost iconically the works of the Feste Theatre consisting of performers and authors of about thirty years of age (the name taken after the jester in The Twelfth Night by Shakespeare). It even seems that it is possible to speak about a birth of a new generational theatre with clear personal views and opinions about the current world.” / Jana Soukupová, MF Dnes daily newspaper


IDENTITY 1: Our Islam
IDENTITY 2: Heiner Müller: Popis obrazu/Bildbeschreibung
IDENTITY 3: Nineteen Eighty Nine – A Revolution Practice
IDENTITY 4: Havel Writes to Husák
IDENTITY 5: Marie Restituta, or A hospital at the Edge of the Reich
IDENTITY 6: Be Free!
IDENTITY 8: Dr. Emil Hácha
IDENTITY 9: She Pastured Her Horse on the Balcony
IDENTITY 10: Martin Crimp:


taboos and ambiguous social-political topics

The Feste Theatre:

  • works with texts which were not originally intended as dramatic or theatrical,
  • has been socially active with a clear goal for a long time, which is unique in the Czech context,
  • pursues the development of open civic society,
  • focuses on contents inspiring social debate and phenomena influencing the topical (mainly mass-media) discourse at home and internationally and the following interpretation of reality,
  • works with researches and academic studies of the given social issues,
  • is always trying to find a new approach to a specific theatrical interpretation (documentary, movement, cross-over, drama, improvisation),
  • is an author’s theatre.

“The Feste Theatre managed to revive the interest in original documentary drama on the Czech stage. In the performances such as Our Islam, Bildbeschreibung, Nineteen Eighty Nine, Havel Writes to Husák, Be Free!, Haz.Art and Dr. Emil Hácha, Jiří Honzírek managed to formulate topical and social conditions and to confront the audiences with them.” / Dora Viceníková, dramaturg, Reduta Theatre (Brno) artistic vice-director

The line of dramaturgy which instigates the choice of project topics is:


in our living space. The examination of an individual’s identity leads the performances of the Feste Theatre to memory preservation and to finding topical moment influencing memory in the future.

„Mankind is defenceless only where it has no experience and no memory.“ / Elias Canetti

“Documentary theatre is one of the most topical streams in the current European theatre. In our country, this trend is represented in the works of Miroslav Bambušek and Jiří Honzírek and his Feste Theatre. Both boldly and radically reflect and map out – in different ways – the recent, unhealed past of the area called the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia.” / Vladimír Hulec, …příští vlna/next wave… festival director